Chuck Norris

Carlos Ray Norris(Chuck Norris) is a Famous American martial artist, film producer, screenwriter, and actor. Chuck started his climb to stardom as a martial artist after toiling in the United States Air Force.Chuck has established his private school of fighting named Chun Kuk Do.Chuck has often played action movies like Missing in Action and Return of the Dragon.

Chuck also appeared in success TV series Texas Ranger and Walker.Chuck has given an outstanding performance on his work as a Martial artist.Chuck keeps his life not just to make big money but it is his passion.He has earned a huge respect through out his life.

Chuck is the holder of American nationality.He belongs to the white ethical background.Chuck is of America and has American descent.He is the follower of Christianity religion.He is currently 70 years old.His zodiac sign is not available. He was born to Mother-Ray Norris and Father-Wilma who was a mechanic, bus driver, truck driver and World War II Army soldier.


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